Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Tarot Card Reading

click on me and receive the meaning of each of the cards day by day

Professional Tarot Card Readings By some of the finest readers in the World who are waiting for you now

THE READING- The most common and effective way to do a reading is the Celtic Cross. Each position has a certain meaning on its own and then the card is translated corresponding to the position.

METHOD: Find a card that will represent the querent. I usually find a court face card for the person. Read the meanings of the cards and pick the best one. Put this card in the middle.

Shuffle the cards as the reader first. Silently or aloud ask the spirits around to help you give a accurate reading.

Hand the cards to the querent by turning the cards so they face them the same way as they faced you.

Tell the querent to shuffle the question into the cards and to concentrate very hard on the question.

Take the cards back so they face you as they faced the querent.

Side flip the cards so that you once again preserve the position of the meaning. You can either stop and explain each card in its position, or as I do, lay them all out and get a gist of the reading.

After all the cards are laid out, take a look at cards. There are certain patterns that should not be overlooked.


Have your book and use it. A good reading is a mixture of the written meanings and your feelings and experience of the cards.

More than four of any suit or the Major Arcana in the ten card layout has special meaning. Overall, 4 Major cards mean that other forces and/or people rule the situation at hand and not the querent. 4 wands or more mean overall growth issues. 4 cups or more mean love issues rule. 4 swords or more mean strife. 4 pentacles or more emphasize material and/or money issues.

Practice with a friend or yourself for a while and write down the outcome of what you think the reading will mean. Readings usually take 1-6 months for them to come true.

Read a lot of books on the Tarot.

Read both meanings of the cards whether it is reversed or not. Knowing the total meaning of the card helps you give advice on alternate actions that will bring about a different outcome. I usually look at the positive side of cards in a negative meaning to give the person a chance to change their moldable fate.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Tarot Card Meaning

click on me and receive the meaning of each of the cards day by day

Professional Tarot Card Readings By some of the finest readers in the World who are waiting for you now

The Minor Arcana

The minor or lessor Arcana is divided into four

suits of 14 cards in each. Each Tarot Card suits

correspond to the four suits in a standard pack

of cards. But in place of Jack, Queen and King

the Tarot Card pack has 4 cards, being the

King, Queen, Princess and Prince. the remaining

10 cards run from 1 to 10 as in a normal playing

card pack. Their interpretations are conveyed by

the picture they carry.

The four suits represent the 4 elements of,

Fire,  Water,   Air,  Earth

and also the astrological signs associated with

each element. The symbolism of the elements

appears prominently in the court cards.

Flames are shown on those of the Wands suit.

Water on those of  the Cups.  The people

illustrated on these cards are dressed 

corresponding to their elements colours.

Red for the flames of the wands, and green

and sometimes brown representing the earth

of the disc.

The suits also represent other aspects of

everyday life.

The element of Water

Wand's are the action cards of those of

Aries Leo and Sagittarius

The element of Water

Cup's are the Emotions cards of those of

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

The element of Air

Sword's are the Mind cards of those of

Gemini, Libra and aquarius

The element of Earth

Disc's are the Money cards of those of

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn